Central 70 Project, Denver, CO

45,000 CY light-weight cellular concreteMSE wall back fillCentral 70 project, Denver, COContractor - Kiewit

SH 59 Bridge over I-70

Job: Bridge Abutment Location: Seibert, CO Description: 550 CY Foamed Flashfill Contractor: Lawrence Construction Owner: Colorado Department of…

I-225 Off Ramp, 60” Waterline – Aurora, CO

Product – 2,000 CY, Foamed Flashfill, Installed overnight Contractor – HCP, Corp Owner – City of Aurora, CO

I-70, 42” Casing Pipe – Palisade, CO

Product – 400 CY, Foamed Flashfill Contractor – Aslan Construction, Inc. Owner – Colorado Department of Transportation The…

Michigan Ditch Tunnel – Jackson County, CO

Product – 1,000 CY, Low Density Cellular Concrete, Annular Space Fill Contractor – BT Trenchless Owner – City…

Brooklyn Basin – Oakland, CA

Product – 17,000 CY, Light-Weight Cellular Concrete Contractor – Conco Construction Owner – Signature Development Group Project Background…

C-470 MSE Walls – Denver, CO

Product – 3,000 CY, Foamed Flashfill Contractor – Flatiron Construction Corp Owner – Colorado Department of Transportation