Brooklyn Basin – Oakland, CA

Product – 17,000 CY, Light-Weight Cellular Concrete

Contractor – Conco Construction

Owner – Signature Development Group

Project Background
Brooklyn Basin estuary of Oakland California –Unstable soil created a challenge in transforming a 64 acre area into land to be used for more than 3,000 residences, 200,000 SF of retail and commercial space, and parks and open areas. One complex element of this extensive project was the requirement for significant soil stabilization. With a project of this magnitude, another important consideration was cost and labor savings. The owner needed to find a light-weight, yet strong material to stabilize the estuary soil to be used as a sub-base for many of the structures.

The Solution
The solution was an installation crew from Flashfill Services who in May 2017 installed approximately 17,000 cubic yards of light-weight cellular concrete to support a 45,000 SF structure at a rate of approximately 180 CY per hour, averaging approximately 1,250 CY per day, saving the owner a substantial amount of money and completing the project in significantly less time than using traditional methods.

Conco Testimonial (.pdf)