I-70, 42” Casing Pipe – Palisade, CO

Product – 400 CY, Foamed Flashfill

Contractor – Aslan Construction, Inc.

Owner – Colorado Department of Transportation

The Project Background and the Solution
Excavation approximately 12’ below the width of Interstate 70 to place a 42” casing pipe near Palisade, Colorado. The contractor, Aslan Construction, was challenged to use a weekend schedule to avoid having east and west bound drivers moved into one lane. Flashfill Services was approved for the project and the Flashfill was placed in three phases for eastbound, center and westbound lanes. Contractor excavated, placed pipe, Flashfill was poured, 2 hours allowed for curing and then asphalt was laid, first the eastbound lane, then the center lane, and finally the westbound lane.

Aslan Testimonial (.pdf)